110529 SJ-M says I love you in 3 different languages, ten thousand fans captivated

(Kuala Lumpur, 29th May) Korean group Super Junior-M (SJ-M) uttered the words “Sayang, I love you! Wo ai ni!” during their concert in Malaysia and this immediately melted the hearts of ten thousands of fans who came to cheer them on. On Saturday, 6 members came to Malaysia to have their concert1, owing to the fact that Donghae and Siwon are currently in Taiwan filming the idol drama <<Extravagant Challenge>>, they were unable to come along with their members to Malaysia.

Shortly after the opening, 6 lucky fans that were drawn were brought on stage to have a close-up interaction with SJ-M, and each fan was allowed to ask their idol one question. After answering the questions, each member used their “killer acts”, and this allowed fans to fulfil their desires! Henry and Ryeowook hugged the female fan, Zhoumi kissed a female fan’s hand while kneeling down on one knee, Kyuhyun2 on the other hand went behind a female fan and hugged her, causing fans beneath the stage to continuously scream and at the same time feel envious. One of the fans who were invited on stage was even moved to tears.

Eunhyuk’s moonwalk

During the solo segment, Zhoumi specially performed a song by his close friend Z-Chen (Zhang Zhi Cheng) titled <<3am in the morning>>, and he also revealed that Malaysian singers Fish Leong and Michael Wong (Guang Liang) are also his best friends. Ryeowook and Kyuhyun each performed songs from their favourite singers which include Teresa Teng’s <<I Only Care About You>> and Zhang Hui Mei’s <<If You Have Heard Before>>. The more special performance was done by Eunhyuk, who had prepared Michael Jackson’s classic moon walk dance for that night’s concert, and even boldly caressed his lower body several times, allowing fans to enjoy his performance “for free”!

Zhoumi3 claimed that he is most shy

Later, the MC asked who is most shy among the 6 members, and Zhoumi3 automatically raised his hands in acknowledgement, he continued saying: “When I become their Chinese language teacher, I will become more strict, I’ll spank their bottoms if they make mistakes!” During the interview session on stage, the 6 members would not obediently remain in their positions, they were always seen teasing each other, and from time to time they’ll “hug” or “kiss” (each other).

Before the end of the concert, all 6 members made a 90-degree bow to the fans twice to bid their fans goodbye, and to signify the end of the concert. They are definitely the most courteous Korean idol group.

SJ-M was invited by the National Youth and Sports Ministry to give a one hour finale performance at the <<Malaysia National Youth Day Event>>. As this event is held free of charge, more than 10000 people attended this event, causing some people to have breathing difficulties; some also felt unwell and passed out, requiring first aid from the medical personnel before being sent to the hospital.

Performance song list: SJ-M <<Perfection>>, <<Blue Tomorrow>>, <<Destiny>>
Solo : Henry- <<Off My Mind>>; Zhoumi <<3am in the Morning>>; Ryeowook <<I Only Care About You>>; Kyuhyun <<If You Have Heard Before>>; Eunhyuk <<Michael Jackson’s Dance performance>>
Encore: SJ-M <<Super Girl>>

Super Junior-M’s press conference, requested for a song from Michael Wong

Korean popular group Super Junior-M (expressed that) apart from wanting to have a chance to collaborate with A-mei, Zhoumi revealed that he had earlier requested a song from Guang Liang, and at present, it is still under discussion, (but he hopes) that they will be able to successfully receive the song. After launching their 2nd album <<Perfection>>, Super Junior-M has for the first time held an outdoor concert in Malaysia. During the press conference, they expressed that the happiest thing for them is being able to perform the song <<Love is Sweet>> which was written by Jay Chou.

When they were asked about their feelings towards Malaysia, Eunhyuk said: “The fans here are very amiable!” Sungmin said: “Malaysia is a beautiful country and if there is opportunity in the future, he would definitely travel to Malaysia.” Henry on the other hand expressed that: “I’m very happy whenever I visit Malaysia, Malaysia is a multilingual country, be it English, Cantonese or Chinese, everyone would be able to understand!”

Members who had diligently learned Chinese, gives 8 marks for their own performance

They have been living in Taiwan for almost 2 months, and when they were asked how would they rate the Chinese that they have diligently practiced, Eunhyuk took a deep breath and said: “We will give our Chinese…8 marks!” And when they were asked with Chinese phrase left them with the deepest impression, Kyuhyun laughed as he replied saying: “Tai Bu Xiang Hua! (It’s outrageous)” Ryeowook answered: “Hen you geng! (You’ve got guts)” Eunhyuk then suddenly shouted: “The one word that we heard most when we were in Taiwan is fans shouting “Ah!”.”

Apart from that, when they were asked which member is the most perfect, Zhoumi replied using his not so fluent Cantonese: “There is a unique feel to each member, and I belong to the more natural and comfortable category.” Because Zhoumi replied rather slowly (due to the language he is using), the media urged him to reply using Chinese. Zhoumi jokingly said: “I have actually practiced Cantonese for about a year and a half, but because we seldom have activities in Hong Kong, I’m taking this opportunity during our visit here in Malaysia to speak using Cantonese.” When the members were asked on what awards they would wish to challenge, they expressed that they are actually very ambitious, as they have really given so much effort throughout their showbiz journey, they would love to receive every possible award, not wanting to miss out on any of them.

1 Malaysia Youth Association Day concert (Hari Belia Negara)
2 Reporter error #1. It was Eunhyuk who hugged the fan from behind, not Kyuhyun.
3 Reporter error #2. It wasn’t Zhou Mi who admitted that he’s the shyest. It’s Kyuhyun.

SOURCE: kwongwah.com
EDITED BY: eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET

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